1. President

Chief Duties:
I coordinate the chapter and make sure we are active and earning PAOE points.  PAOE points are ASHRAE societies means to gage how each chapter and region is faring.  It's also a great way to spur friendly competition between chapters in a region.  It is how we know if we are growing.  Also keep up with email, questions and comments.  As chairman of the BOG, I use Roberts Rules to keep our BOG meetings on time and on task.  Help out in Chapter Meetings and sometimes make announcements.  I am a backup to any Officer.  At the CRC, (Region 1 Conference), as delegate I attend meetings, propose motions and candidates, provide reports.  Also help prepare the President-Elect for future Presidency. 
Time commitment per month:
One or two hours attending the BOG meeting.  One or two hours preparing a BOG meeting agenda.  A few hours to attend the chapter meeting.  I will not sugar coat, it's been almost daily email replies.  Once a month Region 1 phone conference.  Typically 1-hour at lunch time.  May have miscellaneous meetings as needed.  Time to write a monthly newsletter article.  Time to think thru and update PAOE points on website (an hour??).  Attend CRC Region 1 Conference in August. CRC is typically a Thursday, Friday & Saturday for the President.
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