Chief Duties:
As RP Chair I am required to attend centralized training every year as well as the CRC every fall. At these events we learn about the process of soliciting donations for RP. Every chapter has a RP goal that is trying to attain, Nationally RP is working towards 5 million a year we are currently half way there the 2011-2012 goal nationally is 2.1 million. 5 million would be roughly $50 per registered ASHRAE member. There are a few fund raisers we run every year as well as soliciting the previous years donors.
Time commitment per month:
One or two hours to attend the BOG meeting.
8-16 Hours a month to call on solicit donors.

if you have any question about RP, or would like to Help pleas feel free to contact Brice Kosnik at

If you would like to Donate to RP please click here
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