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Press Release
November 9th, 2017

Granite State Chapter Nov. 9th meeting at Laars in Rochester The next evolution/revolution in plastic pipe? Members, guests and four UNH students, 20 in all, met at Laars’ training facility in Rochester to hear Donna Stoughton, VP of Sales and Marketing for CT Piping Solutions, Inc. of Titusville, PA, and her colleagues from the local area describe and demonstrate a new type of Polypropylene pipe (PP-RCT) that is replacing copper, steel and other plastic pipe for a cost effective alternative for most applications in building systems, e.g. HVAC, compressed air services, and potable and gray water systems. One of the innovative aspects of this pipe is that joints are made by fusion bonding and comes in sizes up to 24” (630 mm) OD. 

The major takeaways from the program: 
• For pipe sizes above 1” PP-RCT plastic pipe is a more cost-effective solution over copper and steel and is faster to install.
• PP-RCT has been certified for unconditional use by Massachusetts
• PP-RCT has been widely adopted for use in several European countries for the past 30 years. 
• Since PP-RCT pipe is fusion bonded, there are none of the usual safety protocols associated with welding or soldering of metal pipe during construction and especially in rework situations, e.g. in medical facilities.
• 50 year design life, with no scaling, no biologic build-up. Note: According NACE, the cost of pipe corrosion in the US in 2016 was $1.1 trillion. 
• PP-RCT has been available in the US for three and a half years and are being used extensively in commercial, institutional and industrial installations. Following the presentation and the Q&A, members gathered for a closer look at the samples on display and a demonstration of the heat fusion bonding process. 

1 hr of professional development hours (pdhs) were available for those that attended. A very special thanks to Laars and Tod Hebert, Regional Sales Manager for Laars, for hosting this event, including the excellent buffet dinner provided during the social hour before the presentation.


Note:  For those that are interested in becoming more active with our local Granite State Chapter of ASHRAE, there are committees position and potentially committee chair person positions available for 2017-2018 year.



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