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9th Annual Granite State ASHRAE Golf Outing


When:                   Thursday, September 21, 2017                           

Where:                  Candia Woods Golf Links

                             313 South Rd

                             Candia, NH 03034

                             (800) 564-4344


Times:                 7:00 – 8:15 am          Registration

                             8:30 am                    Shotgun start (Scramble format)

                             2:00 pm                    Lunch, Awards and Raffle


Costs:                    $125 per player

·        Includes golf, cart, cont. breakfast, & lunch

                               $5 Mulligans (4 max per team)

                               $ Good Cigars Available!











Lunch, Hot dog Tickets, Drink Tickets, Scorecard





Cart Signs (2), Driving Range, Putting Green,  Closest to Pin, Longest Drive, Hole-in-One





Tee Signs (18 3)

Green Signs (18)




The proceeds from this event will go to ASHRAE Research Promotion. 

Registration Deadline:   Friday, September 9th (limited to 1st 144 paid players)

Questions:            Bob Studley, 603-870-9273, BStudley@dcne.com 

Sponsorship Opportunities (Please circle your choice):


$500 Level:     Scorecard                      Lunch                      Hot Dog Tickets                                 Drink Tickets

$250 Level
:     Cart Signs #1              Cart Signs #2              Driving Range

                        Putting Green              Closest to Pin              Longest Drive

                        Hole in One

$100 Level
:     Tee or Green


E-mail this form to Bob Studley (BStudley@dcne.com)

Mail check, payable to “Granite State ASHRAE”, within one week to:

Bob Studley
61 Cota Road
Merrimack, NH 03054




GSC of ASHRAE, June 8, 2017 meeting



On June 8th, fifteen members and guests toured the new, wood chip generating operation at the Schiller Station in Portsmouth. The tour was conducted by Richard Roy, a forester hired by PSNH, now Eversource, to manage fuel procurement for the chip operation to ensure that the plant never runs out of chips. The circulating fluidized bed boiler burns whole tree chips (approximately 500,000 tons per year) from harvesting operations conducted in Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts.  Each truck carries approximately 30 tons of fuel and is unloaded via the use of a truck dumper, which raises the truck and trailer to a 63 degree angle, allowing the chips to slide out of the bac                         

The chip burning plant is rated at 50 MW and produces enough energy to supply a city the size of Portsmouth and its environs with renewable based fuel.  Ash from biomass plants can be used in place of lime to adjust soil ph, or blended with food waste and other organic material to produce composted soil.


Following the tour the group reconvened at the Roundabout restaurant where Richard gave a power point presentation and provided more details of the operation.

Recognition of corporate sponsors—Each year ASHRAE chapters are assigned a goal to help ASHRAE support its research programs. This year our goal was $5,479. With the help of the corporate sponsors, the proceeds of the annual golf tournament and the Super Bowl pool, we met our goal.

2016/2017 Corporate Sponsors

Research Promotion (RP)

Viking Controls     $500

Design Day Mechanicals , Inc  $500

Fluid Industrial Assoc.   $250

Phillip Teletrol Systems     $250

Distributor Corp of New England   $250

Tower Tech   $250

Milwaukee Valve  $250

We thank you for your continued support of RP



May 11, 2017 regular meeting, UNH student presentations and scholarships

            The May meeting was held at Viega Training Center in Nashua. Fifteen members and guests attended to hear five UNH-ME students present their senior projects that involved analyzing the cooling equipment for two of the State’s server farms located at 27 Hazen Drive in Concord. This is the 8th time Paul Bemis, student activities chair and president elect for the chapter and owner of Applied Math Modeling Inc, has overseen ME seniors completing their senior projects for their BS degrees.

            Also attending was Ivo Nedyalkov, UNH ME Department lecturer and faculty advisor for the students. Ivo is a specialist in computational fluid dynamics (CFD).

l to r, Paul Bemis; Ivo Nedyalkov, UNH; Randy Colburn, Hudson, NH; Sydney Kay, Fairfield, CT; Colin Spillane, Epping, NH; Emma Underwood, Lake George, NY; Spencer Triglione, West Newbury, MA.

The projects were completed for Wendy Pouliot, Director of Operations for the State of NH Department of Information Technology, and her staff. Presentations were delivered at the State of NH data center facilities to Wendy and her staff on May 11th at 2 PM.

            The students were divided into two teams, each team was assigned one of the two data center installation referred to in the reviews as the “Dark Room” date center and the “Basement” data center.  Randy, Emma and Colin were assigned to the “Dark Room” project and Sydney and Spencer were assigned to the “Basement” project. After an initial visit to the data center sites by the students in January, the goals  of the project were to:

(1)  Create a 3-dimensional model of the data center room, the servers and their associated cooling units,

(2)  Develop a thermodynamic CFD model of the data center using the application CoolSim, provided by Applied Math Modeling Inc.

(3)  Determine if the IT servers are properly cooled, over cooled, under cooled.

(4)  Based on the base case CFD model, try alternate solutions to improve the cooling and look for energy savings opportunities.

During the site visit at the project outset, the students used test equipment, temperature and air velocity measurement, purchased with an ASHRAE undergraduate research grant.

Results—For the “Basement“ project, significant improvements to the existing airflow cooling system were recommended. The students showed that one of the two CRAC cooling units can be turned off resulting in a 6kW load reduction, which is significant for a system that runs 24 hours a day, and 365 days a year. For the “Darkroom” project, the students provided the current configuration of the servers and cooling units does not meet the ASHRAE specification for an “N+1” design, thus signifying the potential for IT server failure in the case one of the cooling units is down for maintenance or fails. The students were able to show that by rechanneling the airflow, while not reducing the electric load, would result in adequate cooling and bring the system to ASHRAE’s N+1 status reliability status

            Following the presentations and Q&A each student was presented with a scholarship certificate, which is an annual event by the Granite State Chapter’s student activities committee.   


ASHRAE Long Island is hosting 
2017 Region I Chapter Regional Conference.  
Hyatt Regency Long Island 
1717 Motor Parkway
Hauppauge, NY 11788
August 17~19, 2017
Contact Richard Halley for more information.


Note:  For those that are interested in becoming more active with our local Granite State Chapter of ASHRAE, there are committees position and potentially committee chair person positions available for 2016-2017 year.



For NH Government Affairs updates, please refer to articles below.  For any questions, please contact Bruce Buttrick:  codeenforce@bow-nh.gov.

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