Article: Code Adoption and Amendments in NH

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The Code adoption and amendments in NH

NH has a fairly simple process of adopting and amending the codes.

Some basic background information first;

There are 2 separate arenas of codes: the Building codes and the Fire codes.

In NH the building codes currently are: 2006 International Building Code with NH amendments, 2006 International Residential Code with NH amendments, 2006 International Plumbing Code with NH amendments, 2006 International Mechanical Code with NH amendments, the 2006 International Energy Conservation Code with NH amendments, and the 2008 National Electrical Code (NFPA 70) with NH amendments.

The Fire codes with NH amendments are as follows: NFPA 1 Uniform Fire Code, 2003 edition; NFPA 101, “Life Safety Code”, 2003 edition; NFPA 909 Standard for the Protection of Cultural Resources Including Museums, Libraries, Places of Worship, and Historic Properties, 2001 edition; NFPA 914 Code for Fire Protection of Historic Structures, 2001 edition;

NFPA 54, “National Fuel Gas Code”, 2002 edition; NFPA 30A, “Code for Motor Fuel Dispensing Facilities and Repair Garages”, 2000 edition; NFPA 52, “Standard for Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Vehicular Fuel Systems”, 2002 edition; NFPA 31, “Standard for the Installation of Oil Burning Equipment”, 2001 edition; NFPA 211, 2003 edition, “Chimneys, Fireplaces, Vents and Solid Fuel Burning Appliances”.

The New Hampshire State Building Code Review Board is charged with the responsibility for reviewing and updating the New Hampshire building code. This Board is administratively attached to the Department of Safety. This Board is comprised of 17 members created through NH RSA 155-A:10.

The following is the representative composition of the Board:

Commissioner of Safety or designee - CHAIRMAN

Donald P. Bliss

3 year term
6/11/08to 6/11/11

(a) Licensed architect (Board of Architects)

Barbara Chalmers, AIA

3 yr term
6/6/09 to 6/6/12

(b) Licensed structural engineer (Board of Engineers)

Joel B. Fisher, PE

Re-appointed 3-yr term
7/3/07 to 7/3/10

(c) Licensed mechanical engineer (Board of Engineers)

Rudolph A. Cartier, Jr., PE

3 yr term
7/21/09 to 7/21/12

(d) Licensed electrical engineer (Board of Engineers)

Laura Black, PE

reappointed 3-yr term – 7/3/09 to 7/3/12

(e) NH Municipal Association

Assistant City Manager/ Health Director

Medard Kopczynski

3-yr term

6/19/08 to 6/19/11

(f) Municipal building official (NH Building Officials Association)

Wayne Richardson, CBO

Remainder of 3 year term
6/24/02 to 6/24/05
re-appoint 3 yr term
6/14/05 to 6/24/08

(g) Municipal fire chief (NH Association of Fire Chiefs)

Corey Landry

3 year term – 7/1/09 to 7/1/12

(h) Active Fire Prevention Officer (NH Association of Fire Chiefs)

Deputy Chief Michael Hoisington

3 yr term
8/28/07 thru 8/28/10

(i) Building contractor - non-residential buildings (Associated General Contractors)

Stephen Tarbox

3 year term
6/6/08 to 6/6/11

(j) Building contractor - residential buildings (NH Home Builders Association)

John Starr, CGB

3 yr term
7/24/09 to 7/27/12

(k) State energy conservation code office (Public Utilities Commission)

Jonathan S. Osgood
Energy Conservation Coordinator

Re-appointed to a 3 year term 6/6/07 to 6/6/2010

(l) Licensed master plumber (Board for the Licensing and Regulation of Plumbers)

Timothy Dupont

3 year term
10/2/08 to 10/2/11

(m) Mechanical contractor - business of mechanical construction (NH Plumbing & Mechanical Contractors Association)

Robert Ives

3 yr term
6/6/09 thru 6/6/12

(n) Licensed master electrician Bureau of Electrical Safety and Licensing

Thomas Malley

3 year term 6/1/07 to 6/1/2010

(o) Committee on Architectural Barrier - Free Design (Governor’s Commission on Disability)

Cheryl Killam

3 yr term
10/17/08 to 10/18/11

(p) Licensed master electrician (NH Electrical Contractors Business Association)

Mark P. Weissflog

3 year term
4/30/04 to 4/30/07 Re-appointed to 3yr term - 4/30/07 to 4/30/10

Additional responsibilities require that the board shall meet to review and assess the application of the state building code and shall recommend legislation, as the board deems necessary, to modify the requirements of the state building code and the state fire code in order to provide consistency with the application of other laws, rules, or regulations, and to promote public safety and best practices.

The website of The New Hampshire State Building Code Review Board is:

Next Month: the adoption and amendment process.

Bruce Buttrick, CBO

Town of Bow – Building Inspector/Code Enforcement Officer

Brice Kosnik,
Sep 4, 2011, 1:12 PM