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Thursday, May 14, 2015

How to prevent premature Bearing Failures Caused by VSDs


Presentation:    Electro Static Technology

Very interesting topic on how VSDs cause premature bearing failures due to stray voltage spikes damage the bearing race. And his company has a low cost fix. This problem has just been diagnosed within the past year and Aegis has sold 1.6 million of their shaft grounding units in just the past 6 months. Very timely since everyone is installing VSDs because there are utility incentives to do it.

 Speaker:         Andrew Kressbach - Aegis

Andrew Kressbach is East Coast Regional Manager for Electro Static Technology.  Electro Static is a global provider of Shaft Grounding Technology known as AEGIS.

Andy graduated from University of Maine School of Business with a BS in Management. Professional career has been spent in industrial and commercial mechanical engineered systems in manufacturing, distribution and contracting.


 Location:                    Viega, 1800 Southwood Drive, Nashua, NH, www.viega.net

Schedule:                   Board of Governor’s Meeting                     4:00 pm


                                    Registration, Social Hour                           5:00 pm

                                    Dinner                                                        6:00 pm

                                    Presentation                                              6:45 pm


Dinner will be Buffet Style.

Reservations Are Required By Friday, May 8 @ noon:    Due to catering orders, dinner reservations will not be accepted after May 8th

Email your reservation to Rick Knowlton at rknowlton@buckleyonline.com Contact Tabitha Jason at 603-365-8834 or thermadraft@gmail.com  with any questions. You can also make reservations and see additional meeting information at the chapter’s web site www.nhashrae.org.


Members - $35

Guest & late registration - $40

Students - $20

Note:              Granite State ASHRAE is a non-profit organization.  Consequently, cancellations will be charged due to our obligation to the restaurant.




Note:  For those that are interested in becoming more active with our local Granite State Chapter of ASHRAE, there are committees position and potentially committe chair person positions available for 2014-1015 year.



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