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Meeting Notice

Thursday, May 14, 2015



Presentation:    Electro Static Technology

Very interesting topic on how VSDs cause premature bearing failures due to stray voltage spikes damage the bearing race. And his company has a low cost fix. This problem has just been diagnosed within the past year and Aegis has sold 1.6 million of their shaft grounding units in just the past 6 months. Very timely since everyone is installing VSDs because there are utility incentives to do it.

 Speaker:         Andrew Kressbach - Aegis

Andrew Kressbach is East Coast Regional Manager for Electro Static Technology.  Electro Static is a global provider of Shaft Grounding Technology known as AEGIS.

Andy graduated from University of Maine School of Business with a BS in Management. Professional career has been spent in industrial and commercial mechanical engineered systems in manufacturing, distribution and contracting.


 Location:                    Viega, 1800 Southwood Drive, Nashua, NH, www.viega.net

Schedule:                   Board of Governor’s Meeting                     4:00 pm


                                    Registration, Social Hour                           5:00 pm

                                    Dinner                                                        6:00 pm

                                    Presentation                                              6:45 pm


Dinner will be Buffet Style.

Reservations Are Required By Friday, May 8 @ noon:    Due to catering orders, dinner reservations will not be accepted after May 8th

Email your reservation to Rick Knowlton at rknowlton@buckleyonline.com Contact Tabitha Jason at 603-365-8834 or thermadraft@gmail.com  with any questions. You can also make reservations and see additional meeting information at the chapter’s web site www.nhashrae.org.


Members - $35

Guest & late registration - $40

Students - $20

Note:              Granite State ASHRAE is a non-profit organization.  Consequently, cancellations will be charged due to our obligation to the restaurant.




Note:  For those that are interested in becoming more active with our local Granite State Chapter of ASHRAE, there are committees position and potentially committe chair person positions available for 2014-1015 year.



Legislative Activity

Legislative Updates (from Concord) April 4,2015

HB 427, relative to the definition of the New Hampshire fire code. MAJORITY: OUGHT TO PASS WITH
Rep. Jeffrey P. Goley for the Majority of Executive Departments and Administration. This bill as amended
will update the New Hampshire fire code from the 2009 edition to the current 2015 codes and gives the state
fire marshal time to provide the updated information and training to those affected by the change before the
new codes become law. The updates were reviewed and recommended by the state fire marshal and the board
of fire control. This 11-member board advises the state fire marshal and is comprised of representatives from the following industries (1) manufacturing, (2) the storage of petroleum products, (3) the position of forest
fire warden and who is a chief of a volunteer or full-time fire department, (4) fire insurance underwriting,
(5) the position of chief of a municipal fire department, (6) a registered architect, (7) a chemical engineer, (8)
an electrical engineer, (9) the position of chief of a volunteer fire department, (10) natural gas distribution,
and (11) propane gas distribution. Additional stakeholders that provided input on this bill represented: the
building code review board, the department of health and human services, health care engineers, the department
of education, the association for assisted living, nursing home facilities, and the lobbyist for the home
builders and commercial contractors. None of these parties testified in opposition to the bill. If this bill is
adopted, all of the amendments to the state fire code that had been previously approved by the legislature
and are currently in place will be carried forward. These amendments include exempting the requirement
for residential fire sprinklers, any referenced permits in the code, corn mazes and allowing alternative stair
configuration in establishing dwellings. Vote 11-3.
Rep. J.R. Hoell for the Minority of Executive Departments and Administration. The bill updates the standards
used within the state for all new building construction or renovation, building operation and maintenance,
fire department access, and hazardous material storage. The current edition of this standard used in
the state is the NFPA 101: Life Safety Code 2009 edition and the Uniform Fire Code NFPA 1, 2009 edition,
as published by the national fire protection association just 6 years ago. The bill simply changes the date
to the most recent edition of the manual, however, the changes made over the last 6 years were extensive
and included such restrictions as: “no hibachi, grill, or other similar device used for cooking, heating, or any
other purpose shall be used....within 10 feet (3m) of any structure.” Reviewing the website for the NFPA
showed that these standards have only been adopted statewide by 19 other states. The website also showed
that the NFPA has already published the first update to this manual, yet the manual has only been in use
for 2 months. The minority felt that this bill to mandate the adoption of the new standards was premature
and the changes contained needed additional vetting prior to their adoption. The committee membership had
significant concerns about the costs to the taxpayers for upgrading the public buildings to these new specifications
during future renovations. Members thought that retaining the bill would have been a better choice so
a more thorough review of the changes could be done instead of pushing this bill through.
This proposed Bill is to update the current Fire Code from 2009 to 2015 edition……
What the Minority report failed to understand is that the Fire Code exempts 1 & 2 family from compliance.
Bruce Buttrick – Grassroots Governmental Affairs Chair

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